MODEROID 1/150 Plastic Model Soyuz Rocket & Transport Train (2nd re-run)


Feb 2022 estimated

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Headed to the stars— A model that represents the technology, courage and inquisitive minds behind the spacecraft.

The complete Soyuz rocket that has been sending people to space for over 50 years has been converted into a plastic model kit together with its transportation train!

Both the rocket and train have been intricately shrunk down to 1/150th scale, making the width of the wheels just 9mm in size. The model can not only be displayed as the complete rocket, but also laid horizontally on the train during transport (wheels do not move). The cast makes use of eight different colors that preserve the look of the rocket as well as each of the processes that it goes though.

The model is made from molded PS (polystyrene), and is made to ensure that fans will have great fun putting it together and painting it. All the processes from the rollout to the point that it reaches the ISS: transportation to the launch site, lift-off preparations, the separation of the multistage boosters and the deployment of the Soyuz spacecraft. Recreate the drama of a lift-off right in your very own collection with this complete rocket kit!

This product will be made at Good Smile Company’s ‘Lucky Factory’ in Tottori, Japan. The product will be proudly ‘Made in Japan’, and sent all over the world for fans to enjoy!

PS assemblable plastic model kit. 1/150 Scale. Approximately 320mm in length.

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