Cosplay Ninja Gaiden Katana Ryu Hayabusa Japanese Sword Unsharpened

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Ninja Gaiden Sword

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Ninja Gaiden Ryu Hayabusa Sigma Katana

The incredible journey of Ryu Hayabusa in Nintendo’s hit game, Ninja Gaiden, starts with our hero on a quest to find his missing father. To do so, he must do battle with powerful and deadly enemies but he will ultimately vanquish his opponents in triumph. 

This high quality display sword features a white cord and tassle, black handle wrap with centre brass ring the famous ‘mysashi’ style double ring tsuba with a saya (sheath) finished in a mottled dark brown with aged brass styled koiguchi and kojiri

Ryu is fortunate, he’s an exceptionally well trained and skillful ninja – with an impressive collection of weapons that he can expertly wield. Amongst his arsenal, is the always dependable Ninja Gaiden Sword. This beautiful 42 inch replica of Ryu’s powerful weapon is made from the finest quality stainless steel, featuring an intricately carved guard in a gold black finish, with an elegant red nylon wrapped handle.

Key Features
Anime Katana 
High Quality Display Samurai Sword 
Premium Detail 
Well Packaged 
Straight Blade
Sigma Katana
Stainless steel sword

Overall: 38.5″ 
Blade Length: 27″
Handle Length: 11.5″