Shujin to Kami Hikouki Hdge Technical Statue No.12 Shie Carla (Stone Shie Prisoner and Paper Plane Version)


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The humanoid skeleton Shie “Shie Carla” that appears in the popular Vocaloid novel “Prison and Paper Airplane” is back in response to your request! !!

It has been about 10 years since “H’s Series Calne Cauldron” created by creator: Deino appeared as a figure in March 2014. Shie has evolved further into a perfect humanoid. That is Shie Carla. The strongest doctor who is feared by two names, [absolutely evil] and [no pain]. Youmi modeling complement. * Kakuon Shie is a Hatsune Miku official subspecies officially recognized by Crypton. Shie Carla is a character in the story with the motif of the skeleton Shie. * Products and photos may differ. Please note.

Painted ATBC-PVC/ABS, 200mm in height, stand included

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