Anime Bleach Cosplay Katana Aizen Sousuke Kyoukasuigetsu Carbon Steel Sword Unsharpened

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Aizen Sousuke Sword

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Sosuke Aizen is the former captain of the 5th Division in the Gotei 13; he later leaves Soul Society with his followers, Gin Ichimaru and Kaname Tosen. His Lieutenant was Momo Hinamori. He is the main antagonist from the start of the series to the conclusion of the Kueco Mundo arc.

Kyouka Suigetsu works on illusion, looking at things wanted but not easily obtained. In the Bleach series, this weapon can hypnotize so that Aizen can make the subjects feel, hear or see things that he wants them to experience.

This replica is made of black saya and with dark green sageo (braid) over the handle.

Overall Length: 41″ Out of Scabbard: 38″

Blade Length: 26″

Blade Material: Carbon Steel with Hamon